How to create a viral website and make money out of it.

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Wait, what is a viral website to begin with?

In simple terms, this is a website that publishes interesting, viral and shareable content (mainly on social media). Its organic traffic mainly comes from social media. That is, the more its content is shared across social media platforms the more traffic to the website.

Some of the notable examples of such websites include Buzzfeed, viral nova and Boredpanda.

Why should you consider starting such a website?

If you are a person who loves social media and fancy adding posts frequently on these networks then consider this idea.

Social media users love to share stuff and tagging their friends. This being the growing trend anything can go viral without advertising and marketing efforts.

Besides, you will not rely on search engine optimization techniques to keep your site on the frontline of the internet.

What do you require in building such a website?

1.Basic WordPress skills(unless you will prefer other CMS software).

2.Ability to research interesting and topics that are worth sharing from the internet.

How to get started.

Step 1.Setup your wordpress viral website.

Setting up a WordPress website is very easy. You only need domain name, hosting and a theme. You can use youtube to find a guide on how to build a WordPress site.

Making money with a viral blog

Step 2.Create a Facebook fan page for your viral site.

You can create a Facebook fan page within minutes with help from youtube or google. Use professional-looking photos for your page’s display picture and cover photo and don’t forget to fill in all the necessary details regarding your website while creating the page. It is also advisable to take inspiration from other viral websites.

3. Publish viral content on your website and share them on your Facebook page.

Viral content and publishing them on your website is the most challenging task. Visiting the popular viral websites and finding the trending articles from them might reduce the heavy load of work needed.

NOTE-: Never copy content from other websites to avoid being banned from Google and Facebook.

Step 4. Place Adsense ads.

The best way of monetizing your viral website is by placing ads. Use a WordPress plugin called Quick Adsense for placing Adsense ads in the most optimal way that will generate higher clicks.

Step 5. Grow your Facebook page.

When you are just starting out the best way to grow your fan page is by using Facebook ads. They will help your page gain traffic and followers. Therefore consider a daily budget of 5-10 dollars.

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