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Michael Mutie
Michael Mutie


Use Data Analytics and software to make Data Driven Decisions

Artificial Intelligence is impacting so many aspects of our lives. Today, we can make more informed decisions based on Data. The silent guru data analytics is trying to tap into the enormous potential that Data science has to offer. We work hard to meet the growing demand for Data driven decisions by helping businesses integrate these solutions into their models. We also write articles about the same for every interested person to read freely and contribute their thoughts in the comments section. We partner with other organisations to organise boot-camps and avail training to all interested.

“In God we trust. All others must bring Data”

W. Edwards Deming


The Silent Guru Analytics organises bootcamps where participants get to learn and practise Python and Data Science. We also run an Open source community of Data Scientist. The community is based in Kitui County, Kenya but membership is free and open to everyone. We get to share resources, work on projects together and mentor newbies. To join our telegram group, click this link or email us at info@thesilentguru.com

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Michael Mutie
Michael Mutie
Co-founder & MD
Hellen Masaka
Hellen Masaka
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John Mutie
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