Hello TSGAnalytics community. 2021 has been a very challenging year for all of us. Many have either lost someone they knew, lost jobs, or at least suffered from the impacts of Covid-19 to the economy. We congratulate you for being strong thus far. While we can not erase all that has happened, it is our hope that the future will be different. We take this chance to wish you a happy festive season and prosperous 2022.

TSGAnalytics has learned one very important lesson from the pandemic. We have learned the importance of a community. A group of people who have your back at all times. They may not provide what you need most but their presence makes the situation lighter. With so many people having lost their sources of income, we feel it is important to share skills that may help these people make a living.

Starting January 2022, TSGAnalytics will create a community of Data scientist. The community is open to anyone and everyone interested in joining us. We hope to grow as Data scientists together. We invite both experts and novice alike. The community will share resources, hold discussions and run short courses to equip all the members. Membership is free for everyone.

We intend to have physical meetups in Kitui town. This will highly depend on availability of necessary resources to facilitate such meetups. TSGAnalytics is working with other organisations to make this possible. We also invite well-wishers to assist in the same. We have created a whatsapp group and a slack community for the same. Feel free to join either or both. It is our hope that by doing so, we will be helping the community, especially residents of kitui town, acquire essential skills that will help in their careers.

Starting January, we will also open up to anyone who wishes to contribute to our articles. Anyone interested in using this platform to share their thoughts on Data science with the world is welcome. Reach us through +254712359215 or email us at Once again, we truly appreciate the support we have received from the Kitui community and our online forums. See you in our discussions.

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