Accounting Software

Are you a small shop/duka owner? Do you have a small business? Well, we have a solution to your accounting challenges. We offer an easy to use yet very powerful accounting software that is reliable. You also get customised support. The software has a desktop version and a cloud version. You worry about clients and let us take care of your accounting needs.

Features of The Desktop Version

Full-Featured Accounting

This is the most comprehensive free accounting software. It has all the features you’d expect from an accounting package and we are working on adding even more.

Free Forever

You can use the program for as long as you like, use all the features and enter as much data as required. There are no time limits, no usage limits, no advertisements.

Work Offline

All of your work can be done offline on your desktop or laptop meaning you don’t lose access to your data or program if your Internet stops working or is not available. ie You DO NOT need internet access to use the software.


It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The database format is universal across all operating systems which means an accounting file created on Windows can be easily transferred to Mac OS X or Linux if the need arises.

Specific attributes include:


We also have a cloud version (Online)

The cloud version has all the above listed features. Additionally, it offers the features listed below.